#1 HR Expert

Bridging the Gap in Human Resources


HR On A Mission Mixer continues to provide a sense of a family with the #1 HR networking events, which are held on the last Friday of every month in Southern California. A meeting place for HR professionals and business owners to network, share resources, and build lasting bonds with each other.

Our goal is to grow our community and share our mission of championing the need for human resources education with as many supportive, business-savvy, and decisive people as possible. Whether you make it an outing with friends or a workplace affair, our HR On A Mission Mixer is meant to be shared, so spread the word and come with someone you want to share knowledge about Human Resources with!

You never know “who knows who” and “who does what” until you meet people in person and get into a conversation with them.

By meeting and talking with new people, you create an opportunity to solve your problems while solving other people’s problems. When you meet new people, you can talk about your challenges and get real feedback.

No one can do it alone. We NEED connections with others for support, encouragement, and perspectives that are different than our own. Connections with people who support our purpose are our most precious resources when we are committed to learning and growing together.